Planning&Research Division responsible for:

  • carrying out inventories and statistical data of all national road networks.
  • Carrying out strategic development plans for the national road networks.
  • Preparing the plan of action for the feasibility studies, technical design on the development of road infrastructure.
  • Carrying out the plan of action for the environmental impact assessment, resettlement plans for all projects related to roads, railways and waterways transport infrastructure to comply with the environmental regulations and protection.
  • It is also responsible for initiating the procurement plans for the technical studies and as well as works on the completed studies.
  • The planning division is also responsible for providing technical support on quality assurance and quality control of the materials and works done on the construction of the roads, railway and waterways transport infrastructure


Division ManagerFabrice
Railway and Cable Car Development Senior Engineer NDAYAMBAJE Jean
Inland and Waterways Development Senior Engineer Josephine UWINEZA
Environment Senior Engineer NDAYISABA
Transport Economy Specialist HAGENIMANA Innocent
Social Scientist HAKORIMANA






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