Maintenance division



  • Representing RTDA on overall project management for project related to maintance and control of all transport infrastructure construction.
  •  Carrying out the condition survey of all national roads network.
  •  Preparing maintenance management system (MMS) and its implementation plan of action.
  •  Implementing the supervision of maintenance (i.e. routine, recurrent, and periodic) of national roads network.
  •  Monitoring and evaluation of the quality of works, allocated budget, and construction period for all roads network.
  •  Conducting routine inspections on national roads to ensure safety of the roads users and smooth functioning of national roads in all the time.
  •  Ensuring that road operations comply with the environmental conservation.
  •  Providing technical support to the district engineers in the management of road infrastructure.
  •  Controlling the road operation by managing weigh bridges along the national road network. 

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