The RTDA Board of Directors visited transport roads projects located in southern and western provinces of Rwanda

From 25th to 26th November, 2016, the Board of Directors (BoD) of Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) led by his Chairperson, Dr. Leopold Mbereyaho have visited transport road projects located in southern and western provinces of Rwanda.

The BoD members were accompanied by the Director General of RTDA, Guy M. Kalisa, and engineers in charge of specific projects located in the visited area. The BoD members were going to ascertain and appreciate how different projects were implemented and what challenges were faced during their implementation.

Furthermore, the visit was in the framework of meeting the local government and the community to hear their challenges and expectations on completed, ongoing and future transport projects.

The visited projects include: Kigali-Muhanga-Huye-Akanyaru, Huye urban road, Kitabi Crete Congo Nil, Crete Congo Nil Ntendezi road rehabilitation, Cyangugu-Ntendezi- Mwityazo road rehabilitation.

The BoD members further visited Mwityazo-Karongi road rehabilitation, Karongi-Rubengera road rehabilitation, as well as Rubengera–Gisiza road rehabilitation.

The team from RTDA paid visit to Nyamasheke District whereby the Mayor Aime Fabien Kamali praised the good working environment between RTDA and Nyamasheke. He highlighted some current issues related to the compensation of people affected by the projects in Nyamasheke and thanked RTDA to the good will showed in tackling these issues, through join meetings.

The Board members participated to the community work (Umuganda) at Karongi District, where the population was planting trees alongside the road to protect the environment. After community work, the team participated in a meeting with local population about the protection of road infrastructure and tremendous erosion that may occur during heavy rains seasons. In addition, the team heard the population complains and promised solutions in the future.

During the site visit, the Director General of RTDA, engineers in charge of projects, contractors as well as supervisors had the opportunity to explain to the BoD members the details of each project, including: current status, challenges faced and the way forward to overcome these challenges.

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