Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) towards solutions for construction issues

Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) has made the improvement in development of the Unit of Research and Quality Control.

Since the establishment of RTDA, Research and Quality Control Unit is responsible for two (2) main missions. First, providing technical support on quality assurance, quality control of the materials and works done. Second, research and building solutions resulting mainly from the aspects of transport projects under RTDA mandate and the construction industry in general.

In providing technical support, Research and Quality Control Unit contributes by availing data for the design and construction of roads, bridges and buildings, perform soil studies by determining the type of necessary and appropriate foundations and contributes to the development of new infrastructure materials, as well supporting the proper implementation of works in accordance with the techniques of quality control and assurance.

Tests are conducted according to standards with calibrated devices by Rwanda Standards Board (RSB). RSB is a Rwandese accreditation body supervised by the Ministry of industry, and Commerce.

To increase the quality of equipment of National Laboratory of public works, the Rwanda Transport Development Agency has been always commissioning laboratory equipment so as investigation works are carried out supported by machineries and equipment located within the premises of the Head Office of Research and Quality Control Unit.

In research and development, Research and Quality Control Unit is a central point for accessing transport research databases national wide. This portal is a tool for researchers at all levels and aims to facilitate innovation in transport sector.

Roads must be viewed in the largest sense, i.e. as meeting places for all users: motorists, bus drivers, lorry drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, and persons with impaired mobility. Rational and optimized use of public space by these various categories depends on the definition and understanding of challenges resulting from it, development solutions and implementation of mobility policies that are consistent for the benefit of future users.

In order to overcome the exiting challenges in transport sector, RTDA entrusted Research and Quality Control Unit through Planning and Research Division Manager to develop guidance. The main purpose of this guide is to provide solutions towards a convenient facility that is cost effective, easy to maintain and environmental friendly to safe users.

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