Rubavu-Gisiza towards development of business and tourism in Western Province

The upgrading works of Rubavu-Gisiza Road (46 km) is ongoing. The project's socio-economic impacts or benefits to the communities in the form of physical environmental change, increased social services, facilitate movement of population, reduced transportation time and cost, are envisaged to promote tourism in the Western Province, where the road lies.

The road construction works was contracted to the Hunan Road & Bridge Construction Group Company Ltd under the supervision of Comptran Engineering & Planning Associates, from on 2nd July 2015 and expected to be completed by 2nd September 2017 with a total budget of RWF 39,295,082,869. The project is financed by African Development Bank (AFDB) and the Rwandan Government.

The scope of the Renovation Works and Asphalting Gisiza-Rubavu project consists of upgrading of the existing gravel/earth road to asphalt finish surface standard, construction of new bridges and box culverts, improvement of the road drainage (cross-drainage pipe culverts, access culverts and associated drainage and ancillary works) slope protection works in the form of accompanying masonry retaining walls and gabions constructed in sections of susceptible to landslides and embankment failures due to the natural characteristics of the topography.

Introduction of climbing (additional) lanes in selected sections with steep ascents are outstanding features of this project. Other ancillary installations such as road signs, safety barriers, street lighting and reflectorized road marking are notable features of this project road.

According to Mr. Asa-Awuku, Chief of Supervision Mission, more than 85% the pavement construction works have been completed and there are only about 5 kilometers of pavement works remaining. The multinational road when completed will uncover the region's top economic activity, play an important role in the development and diversification of national and international trade flows in the sub-region. The project will further boost sports and tourism activities around Lake Kivu. It will also increase the potential for fishery and water transport on Lake Kivu thus contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the people in the region.

Jean Paul Izabayo, a businessman in Kayove Sector, expressed his satisfaction of the upgraded road Rubavu-Gisiza , and agrees that the asphalt road will boost economic activities in Rubavu and Rutsiro Districts. He stressed: "We are happy about the upgrading and asphalting this road which now allow us to do our business easily"

The Rubavu-Gisiza road (46 km) is the last section of the multinational road connection linking Bujumbura to Gisenyi, along the Kivu Belt. The 185km multi-national road projects "Kivu Belt Roads" is expected to facilitate intra-regional trade along the North-South Corridor; connecting Rwanda, DRC, Burundi and Tanzania.

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