Rwabusoro Bridge construction works in completion

Rwabusoro Bridge, 60 meters long that connects Bugesera and Nyanza Districts and joining Eastern to Southern provinces on the road Ngoma-Nyanza road (NR6) is in completion. The bridge which collapsed since 2014 due to heavy lorry, had paralyzed movement of people and goods from Bugesera to Nyanza and vice versa, said Ruzindaza Eric, the Vice Mayor in charge of Economic & Development Affairs of Bugesera District.

The rehabilitation works of this bridge were done by RDF/Engineer Brigade, whereby construction works are estimated for a total cost of 2,535,397,714 Rwf. Construction works of Rwabusoro Bridge was financed by the Government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) and Rwanda Maintenance Fund (RMF).

The project consisted to clean the river bed for proper alignment, destroy the initial collapsed bridge, rebuilt the bridge with the longest big piles of 53 meters below the river bed, construction of wing walls, retaining wall and abutments to protect the approaches, ensure permanent maintenance of the structure.

The Vice Mayor in charge of Economic & Development Affairs of Bugesera District, greeted the completion of Rwabusoro Bridge construction works, he mentioned that the rehabilitated bridge will enhance, easy, faster connectivity and movement of people and goods, boost the development of the both Districts as well as promoting business.

District with many construction sites needed a comfortable bridge to support heavy truck transporting the sand, he added.

John Nkurunziza, a motorcyclist from Mareba Sector, Bugesera District said that the broken bridge has paralyzed transport with some children failing to go to school.

Rwabusoro Bridge which is located in the central corridor of the East African Community will ease not only the trade needs of Rwanda but also is a passageway for cargo destined for Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

An 60 meter long and 10 meter carriage way wide structure, Rwabusoro Bridge is a two-lane road infrastructure and has a loading capacity of 60 tons weight per span per lane; with a total of 360 tons for the whole maximum bridge, capacity required to cope with expected increase of the traffic volume in the coming years.

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