Rubavu One Stop Border Post is underway

The ongoing construction works of Rubavu One Stop Border Post facilities linking Rubavu in Western Province to Goma town in Eastern DR Congo is expected to significantly improve border-crossing efficiency, facilitate trade and cut down unnecessary costs due to duplication of operations.

The OSBP, which is being built by Dongil construction Co. a South Korean company, under the supervision of Landmark Consultant, started on 23 September 2015 and is expected to be completed by 22nd November 2016.

The project is financed by the Howard G. Buffet Foundation, a US-based philanthropist organization working to improve the standard of living and quality of life for the world, in term of $7.2 million. The government of the Republic of Rwanda cover taxes, including value added tax, customs and duty-free, and the expropriation cost, totaling $1.7 million.

The project covers the construction of border post facilities, including the main building to accommodate all services, passenger car parking and handling facilities, warehouses as well as the heavy trucks transit parking.

The one-stop border post, is supposed to link Rubavu town in Rwanda’s Western Province to Goma, the capital city of DR Congo’s North Kivu Province, is a hot spot for trade with daily traffic flows of close to 50,000 people generating millions of dollars annually.

The new OSBP facility will speed up and improve services delivered at the border. The one stop Border Post will reduce non-tariff barriers and time spent at the border as well as improving transparency in terms of service delivery.

According to Bizimana Jean d’Amour, a builder at Rubavu OSBP site, the project of construction works of Rubavu One Stop Border generated employment for around 300 people of Rubavu District.

The one-stop border post will significantly enhance the mobility of goods and services at the border and thus intensify regional economic growth through the promotion of market integration, infrastructure and industrial development as well as enhanced competitiveness.