New roads to divert the traffic away from the KCC

The construction of access roads to Kigali convention center(KCC) a bypass roads around the Kigali Convention Centre area – adjacent to the Ministry of Justice in Kimihurura, Sector constructed by the City Council under collaboration of Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) have been completed.

The projects consists of Construction of main access road KBC roundabout to KCC, Construction of deviation road Minijust to Ninzi Hill Hotel, creation of new road link between Minijust and KCC facility and creation of two roundabouts.

The roads are expected to ease accessibility to the convention center, promote mixed use as a guarantee of urban quality, highlight and clarify the urban morphology of the city, modulate mobility in urban space as well as to provide the right road network to service the KCC facility and the public.

The roads of around 3 kilometers was financed by the Government of Rwanda