Temporary and urgent solution on Huye-Akanyaru Road

Following a road section failure that occurred on Wednesday, 10 December 2019 on Huye-Akanyaru road, a joint site inspection was conducted by the Client RTDA, the contractor who is engaged in periodic maintenance of this road and the supervision consultant.

Purpose of site inspection

The purpose of this joint site inspection was to assess the cause of this road section failure and propose emergent interventions to restore the road and allow for normal road mobility

 Cause of road failure

As observed together by the joint inspection team, this road failure was due to the steel culvert that was broken under the road. Because of water penetration in sub-layers of the road, the embankment materials were washed away by a nearby stream of water, causing the total cutting up of the steel culvert and failure of the whole road structure.

Proposed remedies

As this issue is very critical, in order to restore the traffic flow on the road, the inspection team agreed that emergency intervention should be carried out. Two solutions proposed and agreed:

                Temporary and urgent solution

The Contractor will install a temporary steel culvert (10 meters long) to channel the stream water and fill with sand bags with all other requirements to fix the steel pipe culvert. The specifications was agreed upon between Contractor, Supervisor and Client. This is  being executed as emergency remedy to restore the traffic.