The road Muhanga-Ngororero-Mukamira is reopened to traffic.

The road Muhanga-Ngororero-Mukamira was reopened to traffic. On Saturday, the road was closed following heavy rains that damaged a section of road approach to JOMBA Bridge and the downstream slope settled down.  The damaged section is near a bridge joining Mukamira and Jomba Sectors. 


Despite that, emergency restoration works were carried out by creating a temporal deviation section on the upper slope to reopen the road before a more sustainable solution is sought. Since Sunday 17th May 2020 in the afternoon, pedestrians and vehicles were able to move including passenger buses and freight small truck. 


Meanwhile a more sustainable intervention is being discussed by concerned institutions so that the damaged approach section to JOMBA Bridge can be reconstructed and GICIYE river banks reinforced and strengthened.