Minister Gatete recommends the modernizing of the National Laboratory of public works

Kigali, 16 November 2020: Minister of Infrastructure, Hon. Claver Gatete visited the National Laboratory of public works managed by Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA). The facility is specialised in providing an extensive range of materials testing services for road and building industry. These include the testing of aggregates, bituminous materials, cement, concrete cubes and cores, steel reinforcing bars, soil and rock, soil density, building blocks and bricks, concrete kerbs among others.

Under the Law No 29/2014 of 14/08/2014, the laboratory is part of the RTDA’s mandate, to put in place referral laboratories for carrying out quality assurance and infrastructure research on materials and constructions related to roads, railways, cable cars and waterways infrastructures.

The accreditation assures clients that the quality system of public works meets the requirements of ISO/IEC17025 and that the test results are verifiable to international standards.

After visiting various components of the laboratory, Minister Gatete discussed with the RTDA management on potentialities of modernizing the testing and calibration facility to make it a referral laboratory that meets the international standards in terms of personnel, equipment, maintenance, the management system and compliance.